Ungrateful Dead

Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore is a 2007 Rock & Roll murder mystery by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison.

Publication detailsEdit

  • Published by Lizard Queen Press
  • ISBN-10 : 0615162622
  • 364 pages

Item descriptionEdit

"Turn on, tune in, drop dead...The Rock & Roll Murders. Reporter Rennie Stride is the Angel of Death's groupie: wherever she goes, murder follows, in this loaded-with-atmosphere mystery series written by a notable Sixties rock insider. The Fillmores, Woodstock, NY and LA music clubs: all the hippest scenes of that legendary time...only with murder in the mix. It's March 1966: not quite the Summer of Love. When Rennie's best friend, rock singer Prax McKenna, is busted for being at two savage crime scenes---one of them backstage at the newly opened Fillmore Auditorium---despite her own problems (her failed marriage and getting established in the rock biz),Rennie sets out to clear her friend's name. But nobody expects what happens next. Especially not Rennie." -from