The Season of the Witch is a 1971 novel by James Leo Herlihy.

Plot introductionEdit

The story is written in the form of a journal that spans three months and accounts the life of a teenage runaway, Gloria Glyczwych, during the autumn of 1969.

Plot summaryEdit

Gloria Glyczwych decides to run away from home with her friend John McFadden, who is gay; both of them have a reason to leave. Gloria wants to find her estranged father and John wants to avoid joining the Army and being sent to Vietnam. The two runaways head from Michigan to New York City where they meet a host of colorful characters.


Cover of the Dutch edition

Publication detailsEdit

  • Published by Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN-10 671-2090591
  • 384 pages (hardback edition)
  • Translated to Dutch, Finnish, German and Swedish

Sources, references, external links, quotationsEdit

  • The University of Delaware houses the James Leo Herlihy Papers that contain drafts and information on The Season of the Witch as well as the author's other works.