Jorma Elovaara (born in Vampula, Finland in 1946) is a Finnish author, publisher and radio journalist.

Radio work Edit

In his youth Jorma Elovaara and his friend Pentti Kemppainen created a pirate radio station called Radio Troyan. Their broadcasts were occasional. On the latter part of the 1960's the duo got their own official radio program called Fab Ykkönen (Fab One). It featured analysis of contemporary rock song lyrics, eastern religions and other underground subjects.

In 1969 Elovaara was granted his own radio show by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The show was called Vesimiehen Aika (Age of Aquarius) and featured guests, music and Jorma's own musings on subjects like occultism, flying saucers, astral traveling, politics and drugs. The show was axed in 1971 as "uninformative", but was later resurrected on the Radio City station (circa 1985).

His most recent work has been for the Helsinki-based Lähiradio (Local Radio).

Songwriting Edit

Jorma Elovaara wrote the lyrics for one of the songs of the finnish pop star Hector's 1974 album Herra Mirandos (Mr. Mirandos). The song is called 'Sisämaan retkellä' ('On an inland journey').

Books and Publishing Edit

When Vesimiehen Aika ended, Elovaara set up his own publishing company Mysteeni . He published books which further explained his ideas on subjects that he had discussed in his radio shows. He also masterminded a magazine called Tähti (Star) (which ran from 1971 to 1978).

The film Oletko Sinä? Edit

Oletko sinä...? Kertomus homoseksuaalisuudesta ("Are You...? A story of homosexuality") was a docu-fiction TV film on homosexuality, which was banned in 1969 and had its Finnish TV premiere in 1999. Jorma Elovaara and Rauno Vinermo were part of the group who wrote the original script. The film was directed by Matti Lehti.

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