Jean-François Bizot (August 19 1944 - September 8 2007) was a French publisher, editor, director and novelist.

Short biographyEdit

Bizot was the creator of the magazine Actuel, which since it's first appearance in May, 1970 covered topics such as gay rights, ecology, women's liberation, abortion, the sexual revolution and pornography.

Partial BibliographyEdit

  • (1973) C'est demain la veille, entretiens
  • (1975) Au Parti des socialiste
  • (2001) Underground, l’histoire
  • (2005) Vaudou et compagnies
  • (2005) Revu et corrigé
  • (2006) Free Press : la Contre-culture vue par la presse Underground
  • (2006) 200 Trips from the Counterculture: Graphics and Stories from the Underground Press Syndicate

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