James Leo Herlihy (27 February 1927 – 21 October 1993) was an American novelist, playwright and actor.

Born into a working class family in Detroit, Michigan, Herlihy is known for his novels Midnight Cowboy and All Fall Down and his play Blue Denim, all of which were adapted for the screen. Other works include The Season of the Witch and a number of short stories.




  • Streetlight Sonata (1950)
  • Moon in Capricorn (1953)
  • Blue Denim (1958)
  • Crazy October (1959)
  • Stop, You’re Killing Me: Three Short Plays (1969)


  • The Sleep of Baby Filbertson and Other Stories (1958)
  • A Story That Ends with a Scream and Eight Others (1967)

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