Angela Carter (May 7, 1940 – February 16, 1992) was an English novelist and journalist, known for her feminist, magical realism, picaresque and science fiction works.

Works as authorEdit


Short fiction

  • Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces (1974) aka Fireworks: Nine Stories in Various Disguises and Fireworks
  • The Bloody Chamber (1979)
  • The Bridegroom (1983) (Uncollected short story)
  • Black Venus (1985)
  • American Ghosts and Old World Wonders (1993)
  • Burning Your Boats (1995)


  • Five Quiet Shouters (1966)
  • Unicorn (1966)

Dramatic works

  • Come Unto These Yellow Sands: Four Radio Plays (1985)
  • The Curious Room: Plays, Film Scripts and an Opera (1996) (includes Carter's screenplays for adaptations of The Company of Wolves and The Magic Toyshop; also includes the contents of Come Unto These Golden Sands: Four Radio Plays)
  • The Holy Family Album (1991)

Children's books

  • The Donkey Prince (1970) illustrated by Eros Keith
  • Miss Z, the Dark Young Lady (1970) illustrated by Eros Keith
  • Comic and Curious Cats (1979) illustrated by Martin Leman
  • Moonshadow (1982) illustrated by Justin Todd
  • Sea-Cat and Dragon King (2000) illustrated by Eva Tatcheva


  • The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography (1978)
  • Nothing Sacred: Selected Writings (1982)
  • Expletives Deleted: Selected Writings (1992)
  • Shaking a Leg: Collected Journalism and Writing (1997)

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